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STX Finland Oy has three yards in Finland, situated in the cities of Turku, Helsinki and Rauma.

The company belongs to the STX Europe group comprising 15 yards in Finland, France, Norway, Romania, Brazil and Vietnam and about 16 000 employees. STX Europe is world leading supplier of specialized vessels including icebreakers, passenger vessels and passenger ferries. The principal shareholder in STX Europe is the international industrial corporation STX Business Group employing some 39 000 people.

The number of personnel in the Finnish yards amounts to some 3 800 employees. The company`s "assembly yard" concept means employing directly these "own" people and lots of others in co-operation companies, thus boosting the whole surrounding economic region.

The yard in Turku, with a land area of 144 hectares, is one of the biggest and most modern shipyards in Europe, building post-panama size cruise vessels, the newbuilding dock measuring 365x80 m.

The yard in Helsinki is specializing in car-passenger ferries. The modern shipyard has a covered dry dock of 280.5x34 m.

The Rauma yard with a newbuilding dock measuring 260x85 m is the world`s leading ferry builder, and is also specialized in small cruise ships, multipurpose icebreakers and naval craft.

STX Europe has built, or are building, all 14 of the largest cruise ships in the world. Finland´s biggest export product, the worlds biggest and most innovative cruise vessel Oasis of the Seas was delivered from Turku 28th of October 2009. The second in the Oasis class, Allure of the Seas will be delivered in the end of year 2010.

STX Europe is known for innovative design prototypes. Besides the world´s largest delivered, innovations like the first all-outside-cabin cruise ships, prefabricated cabins and bathroom modules, and indoor promenade originate from STX Europe.

The orderbook of STX Finland Oy consists of four newbuildings. Allure of the Seas  for Royal Caribbean, two car-passenger ferries for P&O Ferries and a Polar Supply Research Vessel for South African Department of Environmental Affairs. A conversion project of oil recovery vessel Halli for Finland's environmental administration is under work.

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