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Owned at 66.6% by STX Europe - itself a 100% owned subsidiary of the Korean STX Business Group - and at 33.4% by the French state (via a strategic investment fund), STX France SA is a major player in the complex shipbuilding sector and presents a diverse offer.

STX France SA comprises two shipyards located in Saint-Nazaire and Lorient that offer a wide range of complex vessels from 30 meter long to over 300 meter long, working from the design through to the construction phase.

Expertise and prospects

STX France is a major player in the complex shipbuilding sector and presents a diverse offer.
The company has built a solid reputation on the passenger ship market and is establishing itself in the offshore sectore as well as in the services, after sales services (ASS) and engineering sectors, underpinned by its tremendous engineering capacity and the cutting-edge expertise of its teams. STX France is also present on the military ships market.

Vision and development

STX France draws upon its strengths and assets to maintain its strategic and technological lead on a market that is constantly evolving, presenting major economic and competitive challenges. From this perspective, staying ahead with evolving concepts, working on key R&D projects and diversifying the offer are of vital importance.

STX France illustrates this strategy through its evolvement in the renewable marine energies sector, rallying its engineering and production resources whilst maintaining well-controlled costs and time-frames.

Solutions for tomorrow's ships

STX France has numerous development priorities and its teams have taken on a leading position in these key sectors. French shipyards are therefore in a position to offer technical solutions for improving the hydrodynamic efficiency of hulls, limiting the environmental footprint of ships and also implementing propulsion systems that are more ecological and more economical.

Many of the ships delivered by STX France have already been successfully fitted with innovative solutions developed by its teams, such as propulsion powered by liquefied natural gas or waste processing systems.


- STX France Cabins: a 100% owned subsidiary of STX France SA. Located in Montoir de Bretagne, the company is specialized in the design, production and turnkey delivery of prefabricated modular cabins on boar cruiseships. With over 20,000 cruiseship cabins produced by its assembly lines (6,000 per year), STX France Cabins is an industrial player determined to meet the extremely demanding requirements of its clients. STX France Cabins boasts proven expertise in its activity sector and is now branching out onto the habitat sector, proposing new home solutions based on prefabricated modules with high added value.
- STX France Solutions: an essential complement to integrated engineering departments. This engineering design company is located in Saint-Nazaire and operates on the shipbuilding market as well as on offshore and land contracts. Its expertise is renowned within the STX Group and it runs wide-ranging operations on external markets.
- Services and ASS: underpinned by a thorough knowledge of the maritime industry, STX France service's and ASS units provide follow-up for delivered vessels, offering expertise in Maintenance and Operational Condition for military ships, particularly for the Franch Navy, and expertise in lengthening, upgrading and conversion operations on passenger ships. They also provide engineering consulting services. STX France set up a STX France Services unit in Toulon in 2009.

Further to the delivery of high-quality finished products, the STX France teams deploy a full range of experts to ensure success for their clients. The company is complemented by a network of around one hundred regional and national joint-contracting companies offering expert outfitting services.


- BPC DIXMUDE: a projection and command vessel, sistership of BPC Mistral and BPC Tonnerre, for the French Navy, with delivery to DCNS scheduled for May 2011 and commissioning scheduled for the start of 2012;
- MSC DIVINA: a 333 meter long and 38 meter wide cruiseship, with 1,739 passenger cabins. MSC FANTASTICA will be delivered to MSC Cruises in May 2012;
- X32 (Hull #): a 333 meter long and 38 meter wide cruiseship, with 1,739 passenger cabins. Delivery to shipowner GNMTC is scheduled for December 2012.

- Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV70) ordered by RAIDCO Marine International for the Royal Moroccan Navy. Delivery scheduled for the start of 2011.
- Tidal turbine installation barge for the transportation, deployment and recovery of tidal turbines to a tidal demonstration farm located off the coast of France in the Paimpol-Bréhat region of Brittany. Delivery of this vessel to OpenHydro is scheduled for March 2011
- 2,000 m3 sand dredger: a 84.10 meter long for 15.6 meter wide vessel designed to operate all year at about 40 meter extraction depths. This sand dredger will be delivered to STFMO (Société de transports fluvio-maritimes de l'Ouest) mid-2012.

- 85 prefabricated bathrooms for an EHPAD (Establishment for dependant elderly people), with delivery scheduled end of March 2011
- 2468 cabins for cruise ship MSC DIVINA under construction at STX Saint-Nazaire
- 2468 cabins for cruise ship X32 under construction at STX Saint-Nazaire
- Refitting of 26 bathroom units for Cap Finistère, a ferry of company Brittany Ferries.

- Design studies for the MSC DIVINA and for the X32 for STX France, Saint-Nazaire
- Design studies for Technip, Air Liquide, MAN, and others, in the context of the diversification of markets.

- Contract for the Maintenance in Operational Condition (MCO) of replenishment oil tankers with the French Navy. A four-year contract (2009-2013)


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