STX France Solutions a unique approach to industrial maritime design

Good industrial design comes from an understanding of every element of a product's life - from its manufacture right through to its operation by the end-user. An intimate knowledge of this design process means STX Europe' s design companie STX France Solution SAS are able to create designs for its maritime customers that result in products that perform to exacting standards, reduce production costs and are highly reliable.

Our team of around 150 designers and engineers based in France are when necessary supported by our roster of hundreds of additional STX Europe-approved designers from around the world. By using the latest in remote working technologies to act collaboratively, the companie is able to offer customers the skills of some of the industry's best and most experienced design teams, whatever and wherever the project.

Our matchless maritime design talents come from our close relationship with suppliers and product manufacturers and our detailed awareness of the needs of ship operators. STX Europe's work is always driven by a quality ethic and our desire to focus on the clients' individual needs, reinforced by our continuous evaluation of how to improve the design process. The result is a highly effective design methodology for our customers and strong relationships with our manufacturing partners.