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Royal Caribbean International, Lengthtening
Carnival Cruise Line, Ship System upgrade
Iberojet, Conversion
TT-Line, HFO usage for Passenger Ferry
Silja Line, Emission limitation
NorthLink Ferries, Accommodation upgrade
Finstaship, Ship system upgrade
Finstaship, Fleet utilization
Argentine Navy, Damage survey and repair concept
Irish Ferries, LSA upgrade
Celebrity Cruises, Diesel powerplant
Royal Caribbean International, CODELAG powerplant
Easy Cruise
Expedition Shipping

Project Management

NEL Lines
Celebrity Cruises
Carnival Cruise Line



GAP, MS Expedition 2009
Finnlines Finnmill  2009
Finnlines Finnpulp 2009
Aker Barge 2009
Viking River Cruises; Viking Surkov, Cabins and public spaces-2008
Iberojet; Grand Mistral, Addditonal cabin decks and public spaces-2007
Louis Cruises; Sea Diamond, Sundeck, pool deck, cabins, laundry, bakery and AHUs-2006
Finnish Navy; Hämeenmaa, Lifetime Extension-2006
Finnish Navy; Uusimaa, Lifetime Extension-2006
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line; Enchantment of the Seas, Lengthening-2005
Silja-Line; GTS Finnjet, Cabins, public spaces, rudders and thrusters-2004


Carnival Cruise Lines, Sensation balconies 2009
Neste Shipping, Stena Poseidon, Sauna area refurbishment 2009
Tallink Silja, Silja Symphony, Public Spaces 2008
Tallink Silja, Silja Serenade, Public Spaces 2008
Eckerö Line, Norlandia, Cabins 2008
Carnival Miracle, Liquor store 2007
Carnival Inspiration , Dry store 2007
Carnival Imagination, Dry store 2007
Carnival Fantasy, Dry store 2007
Birka Cruises; Birka Paradise Spa-2008
Eckerö-Line; Norlandia, Public Spaces-2007
Carnival Cruise Lines; Inspiration, Formality shop-2007
Carnival Cruise Lines; Inspiration, Photo gallery-2007
Carnival Cruise Lines; Imagination, Photo gallery-2007
Carnival Cruise Lines; Sensation, Photo gallery-2007
Carnival Cruise Lines; Ecstasy, Photo gallery-2007
Carnival Cruise Lines; Elation, Photo gallery-2007
Carnival Cruise Lines; Fascination, Photo gallery-2007
French Navy; Mistral, Deck coverings-2007
Silja-Line; Silja Serenade / Symphony, Various public spaces-2006
Color Line; Color Fantasy, Stair towers-2006
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line; Enchantment of the Seas, Pool deck-2005
Carnival Cruise Lines; Fantasy, Photo gallery-2005
Carnival Cruise Lines; Paradise, Photo gallery-2005
Carnival Cruise Lines; Carnival Legend, ADA modification-2005
Carnival Cruise Lines; Ecstasy Spa refurbishment-2004
Carnival Cruise Lines; Carnival Pride, ADA-modification-2004
Carnival Cruise Lines; Carnival Spirit, ADA-modification-2003-2004


Celebrity Cruises; Infinity, Diesel retrofit and pods overhaul, 2008
Tallink, Tallink Galaxy 2008
Eckerö Line; MS Eckerö, LCA upgrade-2008
Celebrity Cruises; Celebrity / GTS Summit, Diesel retrofit-2008
Carnival Cruise Line; Miracle, Fuel system retrofits-2008
Carnival Cruise Line; Pride, Fuel system retrofits-2008
SNCM; Napoleon Bonabarte, Bulbous bow-2007
TT-Line; Nils Dacke, Dual fuel retrofit-2006
TT-Line; Robin Hood, Dual fuel retrofit-2006
TT-Line; Peter Pan, Dual fuel retrofit-2006
TT-Line; Nils Holgersson, Dual fuel retrofit-2006
Finnish Navy; Hämeenmaa, Lifetime Extension-2006
Finnish Navy; Uusimaa, Lifetime Extension-2006
Celebrity Cruises; GTS Millenium, Diesel retrofit-2006
Celebrity Cruises; GTS Constellation, Diesel retrofit-2006
Silja Line; Silja Festival, SRC and evacuation system retrofit-2001
Silja Line; Silja Europa, SCR and evacuation system retrofit-2000

Maintenance and Spares

Maintenance Service and Voyage Repair

Finnish Navy, Various projects-2007
Tallink; Galaxy, Voyage repair-2008
Finstaship; Letto, Engine overhaul-2008
Celebrity Cruises; 3 vessels, Pod work with RR-2007-2008
to be CCL: 3 vessels, washing equipment upgrade, gutters, demisters, windscreens 2005-2007 upgrading-2007
Seabourn, Various projects-2006
Suomenlinna II, Navigation equipment upgrade and hull repairs.

VG-Shipping, Aranda 2008, 2009
Neste Shipping, Mastera 2008
Holming Oy, Ahtela 2008
Rederi AB Engship, Estaraden, damage repair 2006

Carnival Spirit Class, Photo gallery roller shutters 2005-2006
Carnival Spirit, Main stage raising/lower platform 2005
Costa Mediterranea, PA-System upgrade 2004
Carnival Sensation, Pool modification 2004

Dry dockings

Louis Cruise Line, Sea Diamond-2006
Tallink, Victoria-2006
Fesco Sakhalin 2006
ESL Shipping, M/S Eira 2009

Reference Ship Owners
Hammonie Rederei


Reference Ship Owners

Carnival Cruise Line
Color Line
Costa Crociere
Crystal Cruises
Fred. Olsen Cruise Line
Holland America Line
National Gas Shipping Co
P&O Cruises
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Star Cruises
Viking Line

Reference makers



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