• Oasis of the Seas
    launching late 2009
  • Allure of the Seas
    launching 2010
  • length 360 m
  • 5,400 passengers
  • 2,700 staterooms
  • 16 decks high
  • 220,000 GRT
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The first architectural marvel of the Genesis project unveiled

The Genesis project will bring the best of the land to sea with Central Park, a revolutionary design in which the center of the ship opens to the sky and features lush, tropical grounds spanning the length of a football field. An exquisite public gathering place featuring serene pathways, seasonal flower gardens and canopy trees, Central Park will provide cruisers with more choices in a unique outdoor space. One of the ship's most ground-breaking spaces, this new concept is the first of seven neighborhoods to be unveiled on Project Genesis. Each neighborhood will provide vacationers with the opportunity to seek out relevant experiences in various locales based on their personal style, preference or mood.

Elegant and lively, Central Park's central piazza will be the ship's "town square" which evolves from a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere during the day to a gathering space for alfresco dining and entertainment in the evening, where guests will enjoy concerts and street performances. The neighborhood is lined with balcony staterooms rising six decks high with views of the Park below and the sky above. Surrounding this social space will be an array of restaurants, with choices ranging from fine dining to casual chic.


Building of the biggest cruise vessels in the world

STX Europe's shiyard in  Turku has in its orderbook two huge luxury cruise vessels of the Oasis class to be delivered for Royal Caribbean in 2009 and 2010.

Colossal and overwhelming are words that have been used to describe these giants. And the truth is they will be the world's largest cruise vessels taking an enormous step into the future with their bold design, daring innovation and technological advancements - with a price tag of two billion euro.

  Production of the second Oasis class cruise vessel started

  Almost a full quartermile

  Huge 3-dimensional puzzle

  30,000 drawings

  Vast network of professional suppliers

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