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Oasis of the Seas LEGO® model by Thilo Schön

"My goal was to reproduce the "Oasis of the Seas" as accurately and pleasing to the eye as possible.

The specialty of this model is the number of details included and the advanced building techniques used, which allow for example the smoothly curved bow, stern and loft suites deck (decks 17+18).

Many important and special features of the cruiser are included: the Central Park, the Boardwalk, the AquaTheater, the pools and sports courts on the upper decks (15+16), the completely glazed viewing areas.

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The ship's body is decorated with the stylized blue/yellow Royal Caribbean logo and the light blue ship name plate (over the anchor hole).

I built critical parts of the model with real LEGO® bricks to make sure everything is buildable and robust in reality."

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This is Oasis by our youngest designer, Iwar Haaslahti, 10 years from Rauma, Finland. Great job, Iwar!
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Oasis of the Seas by Ville Halonen, Finland.
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Oasis of the Seas by Jere Pikkumäki, Finland.