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"Nadria" by Gyu-sung Kim
The winner of the Innovative series, Gyu-sung Kim, will fly to Miami, and supervise his model being constructed in the Miami Seatrade Cruise Shipping event March 16-19, 2009.

1. Engine type: NWPE (nano water pump engine)
Adapted eco-friendly engine of nano technology.

2. Quad Branchia steering system
There are 4 Branchiae at the front and rear and on the right and left side of the ship. Each entrance of Branchia has a wing to control flow of water.

3. Solar Canvas
Solar Canvas covers the front roof of Nadria to collect solar energy.

4. Eco-fitness center
Each fitness equipment has electricity generator; When passengers shape the body, the ship can recharge the main power battery.

5. Reinsure yacht
There are two docks for 4 yachts by the right and left side of the ship.

6. VTOL(vertical take-off and landing)
The ship has a VTOL plane to carry emergency patients.

7. Water-park
A big water park is placed under Solar canvas.

8. Top floor
Top floor is the highest deck of the ship where passenger can enjoy swimming, sunbathing and watching various events.

9. Second floor

Second floor is a shopping street with all kinds of facilities. This place is open through windows to the center so passengers can enjoy main events on the deck.

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10. Bottom floor

Various entertainments are located on the bottom floor such as Casino, Night Clubs, Opera Theater, bars.

11. Accommodation
Nadria's accommodation is very unique because every room is modularized. In case of emergency, the room is separated from the ship automatically and works like a life boat itself.

12. Aqua submarine
Nadria has an aqua submarine for underwater sightseeing. The dock is located at the bottom of the ship

13. Robot dog racing
Passengers can enjoy robot dog racing avoiding concerns about real dogs' well being.

14. Boxing ring
Passengers can enjoy watching boxing or K-1.

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This is Ulriikka Mäkinen's (14 years, Finland) design. Every floor of the ship represents a different continent.
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Seallumination by Renzo Lopez (14 years, Peru). Renzo's design features great innovations in both eco-friendliness and entertainment.
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MV Neptune, a catamaran cruise vessel by Carlos Leute (Puerto Rico/USA). Carlos's great design features the ship painted in a photovoltaic blended paint that provides the power for electrolysis used in fuel cell engines!