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STX Corporation

STX Corporation is a holding company that holds shares in STX affiliates in order to ensure effective financing and performance management. STX Corporation ensures that the group achieves sustainable and balanced growth.

STX Pan Ocean

STX Pan Ocean has a global network of 19 overseas branch offices and major domestic ports. STX Pan Ocean is one of the world's five largest shipping companies specializing in bulk carriers. It has a fleet of 300 ships, including bulk carriers, car carriers, oil tankers, and containerships.

STX Offshore & Shipbuilding 

STX Offshore & Shipbuilding has special facilities and lay-outs for building 40,000~80,000ton ships, and is internationally recognized for designing and building product tankers, containerships, and LPG Carriers.

STX Engine

STX Engine produces diesel engines for the shipbuilding, defence and power plant industries. The company is also expanding its portfolio to include gas turbines and environmental facilities.

STX Heavy Industries

STX Heavy Industries manufactures large-sized marine engines for oil tankers, LPG carriers and containerships, while also specializing in steel cutting and large structures such as deck houses.

STX Enpaco

STX Enpaco has extensive technology to manufacture and supply diesel engine parts, Turbochargers, marine equipment, and other industrial parts and materials. The company is now a specialist in shipbuilding and machinery modules.

STX Energy

STX Energy operates Korea's largest cogeneration power plants that supply industrial complexes. These plants provide stable supply of high quality energy at an attractive price. The company has expanded the scope of its businesses, launching an energy sales business through the acquisition of STX Oil & Service.

STX Construction

STX Construction is using specialized competencies acquired in plant construction as a platform for expanding into housing, environmental and privately-funded infrastructure projects, ports and port hinterland communities.

STX Solar

STX Solar was established in November 2007 as a new growth engine of STX Group, to respond to the pressing issue of global warming and the continuous hikes in oil prices.

STX Dalian

STX Dalian Complex is divided into two production bases which build bulk carriers, car carriers and product/oil chemical tankers, as well as raw material casting and forging, engine and engine part production. In addition, they build fixed and floating offshore structures.

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