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Su-Jou Kim 
President & CEO

Mr. Su-Jou Kim (b.1956) has held various management positions within the STX Business Group - most recently as Head of Business Development and Deputy President of STX Corporation. Mr. Kim has previously held the position as Chairman of STX Europe AS from September 2008 to March 2009.  Mr. Kim has a degree in mechanical engineering from Seoul National University.  Su-Jou Kim holds no shares in the company and has no stock options. Mr. Kim is a Korean citizen. 

Byung-Ryoon Woo
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mr. Byung-Ryoon Woo (b. 1959) joined STX Europe in January 2009 as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Prior to joining STX Europe, Mr. Woo served as Head of Finance Management Department of STX Pan Ocean where he was also Vice President. Mr. Woo first joined the STX Corporation in 2002, and since then he has held leading positions in several of the STX companies. Recently, Mr. Woo has been member of the account policy commission of the Financial Supervisory Commission of the Korean Government. Mr. Woo holds a B.A. degree from Korea Open National University and an M.A. degree from Korea University of Foreign Studies. Mr. Woo holds no shares in the company and has no stock options. Mr. Woo is a Korean citizen.

Hans-Jørgen Wibstad
Senior Vice President Finance & Organization

Mr. Hans-Jørgen Wibstad (b. 1964) joined STX Europe in April 2009 and serves the position as Senior Vice President Finance & Organization. Prior to joining STX Europe,                Mr. Wibstad served as Managing Director of DFDS Lys Line AS from 2005-2009, and CFO in 2004. From 2001-2004       Mr. Wibstad was CEO of Crystal Production ASA/Brøvig Offshore ASA, and in the period 1998-2001 he was CFO for Swan Reefer ASA. He has also been a corporate/shipping banker in Credit Agricole Indosuez and Kreditkassen (Nordea), and finance manager in Wilrig ASA. Mr. Wibstad holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Colorado. He holds no shares in the company and has no stock options. Mr. Wibstad is a Norwegian citizen.


Jürgen Kennemann
Senior Vice President, Head of Group Synergies

Mr. Kennemann (b.1953) has been with STX Europe since 2001. He has previously held positions within STX Europe (ex. Aker Yards) as President of the German shipyards in Wismar / Warnemünde and head of the merchant vessels business area. In total he has been in shipbuilding for more than 30 years. He holds a Master for Shipmachine Engineering from Rostock University. He holds no shares in the company and has no stock options. Mr. Kennemann is a German citizen.

Juha Heikinheimo
President, Cruise & Ferries in Finland

Juha Heikinheimo(53),has since 8 July 2010 served as president for the three yards in Turku, Rauma and Helsinki in Finland. Mr. Heikinheimo has extensive experience from the shipyard industry and has previously worked for STX Europe's Cruise & Ferry Business Area in France and Finland for more than four years. He has also held senior management positions in Metso and Santasalo Group/Componenta. He holds a M.Sc. (Eng.) degree in Naval Architecture and Industrial Economics, as well as a M.Sc. (Econ.) degree in Financial Accounting. He holds no shares in the company and has no stock options. Mr. Heikinheimo is a Finnish citizen.

Jacques Hardelay
President, Cruise & Ferries in France

Jacques Hardelay (b. 1950) is currently president for STX Europe' operations in France. Hardelay started working for the company in January 2005, when he took up the position as SVP Operations. Prior to joining STX Europe, Jacques Hardelay worked at Alstom Transport as industrial site manager in La Rochelle. Later, he became managing director for the Savigliano site and the industrial activities in Italy. From 1991 to 2002 Hardelay worked at SAB Wabco. Jacques Hardelay holds an engineering degree. Jacques Hardelay holds no shares in the company and has no stock options. Mr. Hardelay is a French resident.    


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