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STX Europe in Saint-Nazaire

2,660 employees

Yard area:
108 hectares including 22 hectares of covered surface


  • 900 metres long and 70 metres wide building dock
  • 1,200 metres long pre-assembly area, next to the building dock, designed for mounting blocks up to 650 tons
  • 450 metres long and 90 metres wide outfitting dock
  • 750 ton gantry crane
    STX Europe, Saint-Nazaire has just announced the investment in a new 1,200 ton gantry crane. This tool is planned to replace current 750 ton crane by 2010.
  • Automated workshops


Latest deliveries:

  • 1,650 cabins cruiseship MSC FANTASIA, delivered to MSC on December 10,2008. 
  • 1,275 cabins cruiseship MSC POESIA, delivered to MSC on March 31, 2008.
  • 1,275 cabins cruiseship MSC ORCHESTRA, delivered to MSC on May 3, 2007.
  • 154,500 m3 LNG tanker Gaselys, delivered to Gaz de France in March 2007. Gaselys will link Egypt (Bethioua) and France (Montoir de Bretagne, then Fos-sur-Mer in 2008) 
  • 74,000 m3 LNG tanker Gaz de France energY, delivered to Gaz de France in December 2006. Gaz de France energY will link Egypt (Bethioua) and France (Fos-sur-Mer)
  • 154,500 m3 LNG tanker Provalys, delivered to Gaz de France in November 2006. Provalys will link Egypt and France (Montoir de Bretagne, then Fos-sur-Mer in 2008)
  • 1,275 cabins cruiseship MSC MUSICA, delivered to MSC in June 2006
  • Two new-generation Landing Helicopter Docks (LHD Mistral and Tonnerre) built in co-operation with DCN. Front part designed and built in Saint-Nazaire and delivered to the French Navy in 2004 and 2005.
  • One oceanographic research vessel, Pourquoi pas? was delivered to Ifremer (Institute of maritime and oceanographic research) in 2005

STX Europe in Lorient :

This subsidiary located in Brittany, designs and builds all types of vessels, from 30 to 140 metres long.

It also provides a consulting and technical supports as well as missions of technology transfer.

110 employees

Covered docks and workshops : 2 x 130 metres and 1 x 120 metres 

  • One 70 metres open-air dock

Latest deliveries:

  • 450 passenger Ropax ILE DE GROIX, delivered to the General Council of Morbihan (Brittany) in May 2008. This ferry links Lorient and Ile de Groix.
  • Anatife, a 350 UMS oil tanker, delivered to the General Council of Morbihan (Brittany) in December 2006. This small vessel supplies brittany islands, Ile d'Yeu and Belle-Ile
  • 350 passenger Ropax BANGOR, delivered to the General Council of Morbihan (Brittany) in May 2006. This ferry links Lorient and Belle Ile en Mer.
  • 71.71 metre yacht Kogo, with POD propulsion, delivered to Mr Mansour Ojjeh in May 2006

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