In 1923 a Swedish navvy, who participated in the building up of Brattvåg`s industry, helped lay the foundation for Johansen Maritime. From being a traditional plumbing business it has grown into becoming a national leader in project development and pipe installation. They have a workforce of up to100 persons. 90% of them are project leaders and foremen who work in a streamlined project organsization.

The head office lies in downtown Brattvåg where project development takes place. They also run production of pipes to both offshore and onshore customers in Tennfjord. On land they cater projects for both official and industrial buildings. At present they are working on the expansion of the Union Hotell in Geiranger. They have 3 well equipted service vehicles to undertake various plumbing jobs throughout the region.

Johansen Maritime has been an important supplier to the shipyards that are situated on the northwest coast. From the beginning they have had a close collaboration with Brattvåg Shipbuilding, the forerunner to STX Europe, Brattvaag. The combination og good teamwork and invaluable expertise lead STX Europe to incorporate the company in August this year.

Johansen Maritime´s unique expertise in pipe technology is an important asset to STX Europe. They now have a crucial roll in the development of methods, processes, and the choosing of materials for pipe production. As a key link in the exchange of expertise they must convey their knowledge and skills in project develpment and optimal production to all the shipyards that build offshore and specialized vessels.

With a Swedish founder from the past, the importance of migrant workers has been a fundemental asset. They represent just one of the competative advantages the company possess. The extended cooperation with Submet, in Poland, has given Johansen Maritime a highly qualified workforce.

Johansen Maritime is on the lookout for skillful colleagues who can provide the expertise in project organization. There is a strong need in areas of logistics and economics. We also need competent engineers, projectdesigners, and plumbers who wish to participate in the development of innovative solutions for future vessels.

Johansen Maritme AS
Skjelt-Iver Bakken 1
NO-6270 Brattvåg


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