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STX Europe Electro has its own division at most of the shipyards to STX Europe. Their engineering office is centrally situated in Ålesund. Their advanced products and and high level of following up has been the key to their international success.

STX Europe Electro´s main goal is to be the preferred partner in electronic installation for STX Europe. They have their own engineering units, and they have over 1000 employees around the globe. Today they are producing complex and high-tech products for maritime intallations.

Electro-design, tables, automated assembly, and power management systems

With their own engineering departments STX Europe Electro can develop and produce components for most types of vessels. The development of their own products within Norway is a conscious commitment in order to build up and maintain their skills and know how. A complete automation system with a power management procedure, tables, and a professional service apparatus stems from all this.

Besides the development and installation of their own products STX Europe Electro has a well established aftersales department. Through development, troubleshooting, and assembly our skilled engineers have built up the experise behind our comprehensive maintenance and upgrading programs. This is an important success factor.

STX Europe Electro also has 10 years of experience with both domestic and international exchanges for its employees and their divisions. At present we are building a department in Vung Tau, Vietnam using Norwegian workers and standards.

STX Europe Electro divisions

  • Søvik (Head Office)
  • Ålesund
  • Aukra
  • Tomrefjord
  • Brattvåg
  • Vung Tau, Vietnam


  • STX Europe Electro Sudsidaries
  • STX Europe Electro Braila, Romania
  • STX Europe Electro Tulcea, Romania
  • STX Europe Electro do Brasil, Brasil
  • STX Europe Electro Brevik
  • Brevik Elektro


STX Europe Electro
NO-6280 Søvik

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