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STX France, Saint-Nazaire shipyard:

2,570 employees

Yard area:
108 hectares including 22 hectares of covered surface


  • 900 metres long and 70 metres wide building dock
  • 1,200 metres long pre-assembly area, next to the building dock, designed for mounting blocks up to 650 tons
  • 450 metres long and 90 metres wide outfitting dock
  • 750 ton gantry crane which replacement by a 1,200 ton crane is under study.
  • Automated workshops

Latest deliveries:

  • 1,650 cabins cruiseships MSC FANTASIA and MSC SPLENDIDA, delivered to MSC on December 10,2008 and July 4, 2009 respectively . 
  • 1,275 cabins cruiseship MSC POESIA, delivered to MSC on March 31, 2008.
  • 1,275 cabins cruiseship MSC ORCHESTRA, delivered to MSC on May 3, 2007.
  • 154,500 m3 LNG tanker Gaselys, delivered to Gaz de France in March 2007. Gaselys will link Egypt (Bethioua) and France (Montoir de Bretagne, then Fos-sur-Mer in 2008) 
  • 74,000 m3 LNG tanker Gaz de France energY, delivered to Gaz de France in December 2006. Gaz de France energY will link Egypt (Bethioua) and France (Fos-sur-Mer)
  • 154,500 m3 LNG tanker Provalys, delivered to Gaz de France in November 2006. Provalys will link Egypt and France (Montoir de Bretagne, then Fos-sur-Mer in 2008)
  • 1,275 cabins cruiseship MSC MUSICA, delivered to MSC in June 2006
  • Two new-generation Landing Helicopter Docks (LHD Mistral and Tonnerre) built in co-operation with DCN. Front part designed and built in Saint-Nazaire and delivered to the French Navy in 2004 and 2005.
  • One oceanographic research vessel, Pourquoi pas? was delivered to Ifremer (Institute of maritime and oceanographic research) in 2005

STX France, Lorient shipyard:

This subsidiary located in Brittany, designs and builds all types of vessels, from 30 to 140 metres long.

It also provides a consulting and technical supports as well as missions of technology transfer.

110 employees

Covered docks and workshops : 2 x 130 metres and 1 x 120 metres 

  • One 70 metres open-air dock

Latest deliveries:

  • 600 passengers LNG coastal ferries - TIDEKONGEN, TIDEDRONNINGEN, TIDEPRINZEN. These ferries were delivered to Norwegian compagny Tide Sjø AS between June and July 2009. They are dedicated to link Oslo and the peninsula of Nesodden (Norway). These vessels use environmental friendly LNG propulsion, a technology in which STX Europe has a strong track record.
  • 450 passenger Ropax ILE DE GROIX, delivered to the General Council of Morbihan (Brittany) in May 2008. This ferry links Lorient and Ile de Groix.
  • Anatife, a 350 UMS oil tanker, delivered to the General Council of Morbihan (Brittany) in December 2006. This small vessel supplies brittany islands, Ile d'Yeu and Belle-Ile
  • 350 passenger Ropax BANGOR, delivered to the General Council of Morbihan (Brittany) in May 2006. This ferry links Lorient and Belle Ile en Mer.
  • 71.71 metre yacht Kogo, with POD propulsion, delivered to Mr Mansour Ojjeh in May 2006

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