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STX Europe, Langsten is situated in Tomrefjord in Vestnes County. They were established in 1945 and have inherited a tradition of skill, problem solving, and professional competence in ship building. They have delivered severel high-tech and innovative specialized vessels which has put them on the leading edge in their field.

STX Europe, Langsten prides itself in the construction of state of the art, advanced specialized vessels. They have delivered seismic ships, icebreakers, high-tech offshore vessels, and naval vessels.

STX Europe, Langsten - Norway´s most moderen shipyard

Their huge outfitting hall is a major advantage since all the tasks can be undertaken under cover. This benefits the workforce and their effectiveness on many levels. STX Europe, Langsten has a large docking area which also makes it an attractive shipyard for both repairs and reconstruction.

Tomrefjord and Vestnes County

The village of Tomrefjord in Vestnes County appreciate local values. Here you can find fjords, mountains, marine activities, and various other recreations for both inside and outside. These can be enjoyed all year round.

Vestnes County can offer families daycare, schools, and leisure activities.

The lines of communication are good in all directions. The closest airport is in Molde. The size of the community makes it easy to make contacts. Everyone has an opportunity to play an active part in relationship to the school, team sports, and culture. STX Europe, Langsten is a natural and active contributor in the growth and developement of the local community. They don´t just pay the workers their wages.

For more information on Vestnes County:

STX Europe, Langsten
NO-6393 Tomrefjord

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