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STX Europe, Brevik is situated in Porsgrunn County and is the maritime centre in the Grenlands region. In Trosvikbukta they have been building ships since the 1600s, and it was also the base for the Danish/Norwegian navy.

Trosvik Verksted was established in 1916 and has since then delivered over 200 ships from its yards. Brevikgruppen was established in 1986 and for the last 5 years they have become a part of STX Europe.

Their competative strength lies in the high level of skills and experience within the various fields of their workforce. Good working conditions followed by exciting and challenging projects make an unbeatable combination.

Building moderen specialized vessels demands long experience and a high level of competence in all divisions. We have an active collaboration with the marked, the shipping companies, and suppliers in the maritime environment. This combination gives us a competative edge in the international markeds.

Brevik and Porsgrunn County

STX Europe, Brevik is situated in Porsgrunn County. Since the 1500s Porsgrunn has been described as port but it wasn´t until the 1600s that major developement of a town port began. In 1653 the customs and tolls station was moved from Skien to Porsgrunn. The town grew to be a loading point with the expansion of trade and commerce.

Porsgrunn aquired city status in 1807 and became a city county in 1842. Brevik is one of our most preserved coastal cities with the majority of buildings from the 1700 and 1800s still intact. Even in the city centre you can find several beautiful trading houses.

Brevik is the centre for all maritime activities in Grenland. It is the starting point for the ferry routes to Sandøy and to the various leisure areas on the local islands.

For more information on Porsgrunn County:

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