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EOSEAS: leaving marks on people’s mind, not on the sea

As a logical step forward for ECORIZON® program, STX Europe Saint-Nazaire teams have studied a ship integrating all the technical solutions reached in the field of the 5 axis. This action has been held in cooperation with Stirling Design International company and thanks to the joint financing of the Regional Council in the frame of "Design'In" project.

Eoseas is a 305 meters long and 60 meters wide five hulled ship. She gathers in one ship all the environmental solutions developed in Saint-Nazaire:

  • Use of alternative energies for propulsion, thanks to sails installed on 5 masts covering 12.440 m² surface
  • Use of natural gas for operating new generation generators electrically feeding the ship and supplying the heating and cooling needs.
  • Setting of solar panels for electrically feeding the ship and of a double skin acting as a natural air conditioning system
  • Use of the energy recovered from the waste treatment
  • Water recycling
  • Optimization of hydrodynamics characteristics thanks to an air cushion under the main hull.
  • Innovative propulsion system 
  • Limitation of air emissions
  • Recovery of raining waters from the upper decks


STX Europe is also concerned by reducing the impact of its industrial activity on the environment.

HSE teams (Hygiene, Safety & Environment) are working also on various fields to turn the French yards in a reference in this matter. Pollution sources are identified (chemical and hydraulic matters and miscellaneous wastes) and measures are implemented to eradicate them. This method is duly managed. The yard is ISO 14001 classified.

Reduce VOC emission

VOC are generated by painting work. Regulations on them are currently changing. As soon as 2000, Saint-Nazaire yard has installed incinerators outside painting cells. These equipment is recovering and burning the polluting emissions. At the same time, the yard has launched a new organization transferring a part of the painting work done at the open pre-mounting area to the covered cells. In 2008, all these measures have led to a 53% reduction of VOC emission compared to the figures registered in 2000.

Forbid water pollution

Loire river estuary where the yard is settled is an ecologically sensitive area. Concerned by its protection, STX Europe is permanently monitoring the quality of sediments which are making it.

Water quality is mainly threatened by hydraulic leaks as those ones can pollute the rain water network. Studies are under way to provide this network with shutters. Docks opening directly onto the estuary are also closely monitored and waters in the bottom of docks are for example directly treated thanks to mobile systems.

Protect the ground

Grounds are threatened mainly by hydraulic or chemical leaks. To contain those leaks, HSE teams have developed different kinds of containment systems : smooth buckets installed under the trucks proceeding to ship bunkering, dedicated intervention truck with all the necessary equipment for pollution fighting, intervention kits handed to high lifting capacity trucks drivers in case of hydraulic leaks.


As far as waste management and treatment are concerned, the yard commitment is materialized through various investments. For example, compacting systems are installed on the outfitting quays for all kinds of packages and a covered area has been implemented near the waste sorting area to make sure that wastes stored there are not lifted by wind. Other kind of practical means are also available such as buckets on board and all over the yard.

Cross considerations between HSE and logistics teams are under way to try to limit the amount of waste on board.

Everybody over the French sites is clearly made aware of the environment stake in order to become eco-responsible and to turn the various investment granted into valuable and efficient actions.

EOSEAS will also allow the passengers to fully take advantages of the maritime environment. Thanks to wide openings over the sea, to highly designed public spaces, the ocean will be ever-present.


Length 305 m
Width 60 m
UMS 105 000
Number of masts5
Sail area12 440 m²
Propulsive power20 000 MW
Number of passenger cabins1 403 i.e. 3 311 passengers
Number of crew cabins555 i.e. 1 089 persons


Settled on the Atlantic Coast since the 1860's, French yards know how in the fields of engineering and ship building is renowned internationally on various market segments such as passenger ships, military ships, crude oil tankers, LNG tankers or specialized ships. The French shipbuilding industry has remained through decades among the world's first thanks to a continuous improvement of its industrial tool and a real concern on promoting the R&D policy, thus meeting the requirement of modern economy and ever demanding owners.

Today in France, STX Europe activities are:

  • 2 shipbuilding yards offering a wide range of complex ships from 30 to more than 300 meters long
  • 1 design and production factory for pre-fabricated cabins - STX France Cabins SAS
  • 1 company dedicated to basic and detailed design - STX France Solutions SAS having contract for shipbuilding industry as well as for terrestrial market
  • 1 Life Cycle Services office.

See the EOSEAS film in English or in French.

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