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Spare Part Service

We take care of our customers by providing original spare parts to their cabins and bathrooms throughout the whole lifecycle of the products. All furniture, structural and technical components, fixtures and soft goods are delivered fast and efficiently. Also tailor-made and design items are available through our comprehensive supplier network.

Concept Development

We are trendsetters in construction of accommodation areas, and generate added value for our customers by developing new innovative concepts, while holding on to our long traditions as well. By providing in-operation maintenance we collect feedback on the functioning of our cabins and bathrooms. For example, the feedback from the ship's passengers and crew is a valuable source of information for us as we work on new innovations and solutions for our future newbuilding projects.  The development work covers design and function of a cabin. Alternative layouts and solutions for a cabin, bathroom, balcony and corridor are studied. New possibilities of lighting & HVAC technology and especially passenger comfort are taken into account. New cabin concepts are always designed in close co-operation with the owners and their architects.
Our turn-key wet cell refurbishment program (Wetref) provides a complete repair solution for ageing bathrooms. Wetref is more than just a facelift. Upgrading the old bathrooms to meet the latest performance standards, it offers effective means to improve profitability. Wetref allows the old bathrooms to be renewed with new waterproof materials cost effectively during the vessel's normal operation. New prefabricated floor and wall surface elements are made of high-quality glass-fibre. Our experienced installation teams are capable of achieving minimum downtime during assembly, with negligible impact on schedules due to modernization procedures. The streamlined progress of Wetref concept is based on close cooperation with the customer.

Our Wetref program is carried out according to all relevant Marine Authorities’ requirements and newbuilding standards.

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