The capacities and operations of STX Turku Shipyard will be adjusted to meet the challenges caused by the world wide crises

Press release January 12, 2010

Since November last year, the employees and management of Turku shipyard have conducted negotiations on the situation caused by the changes in the market. The operational effectiveness of the shipyard will be improved to cope with the strained market situation caused by the worldwide economical and fi-nancing crisis and to the redundancy caused by the current diminishing order backlog.

The general situation in shipbuilding has not improved during the negotiations and no new orders have been secured. In consequence the employment situation is further worsening, the operational level is reduced and the impact to the employment is inevi-table.

The need to significantly improve the competitiveness and cost-effectiveness has in-creased, this is accentuated by a  drop of the market prices of up to tens of per cents. Improving the cost-effectiveness and streamlining the operations are prerequisites for the future of the shipyard.

The negotiations have now ended and the actions to boost the operations and adjust the capacity to the diminished level of work load will begin immediately.
Several ways to improve the way of operation and cost-effectiveness have been recognized. The changes will be implemented as quickly as possible to ensure the new way of operation in all future projects. The changes will affect all operations at the shipyard.

Effects to the personnel

The lay-offs and part-time arrangements will increase as the work load diminishes. As the result of diminished work load and changes to the operations, the need to perma-nently decrease the number of employees by more than 400 persons has been estab-lished. The number consists of approximately 370 blue collar workers and 60 white col-lar workers.

The discussions with the personnel about the implementation of the reductions are ongoing. Part of the reductions will be implemented during this winter and the remaining by the end of the year. Solutions by relocating persons internally and transfers to network companies are sought. The willingness and possibilities to personal retirement arrangements will also be investigated. The final number of persons will be clear only after all these discussions.

The future development of the Turku shipyard

STX Finland Oy is continuously and determinately working in order to obtain new or-ders. The product portfolio and sales markets have been broadened.  

The necessary changes to secure that the shipyard stays aboard in the hardening competition will be robustly implemented.

Additional information from:
President Martin Landtman, tel. +358  10 670 2201
Shipyard director Jari Anttila, tel. +358 10 670 6286.

STX Finland Oy has three shipyards in Finland: in Turku, Rauma and Helsinki. The company is a part of the international STX Europe -group, who's product range in addition to passenger ships consist of mer-chant- and offshore ships.  The group has 15 shipyards in Brazil, Norway, France, Romania, Finland and Vietnam. All together STX Europe has personnel of about 16.000.

The principal owner of STX Europe is the international industrial group STX who has different production facilities all over the world and all together about 39 000 employees. .


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