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AquaTheater celebrates water with a full spectrum of activities and performances throughout the day and into the night with a backdrop of the ocean across the horizon. The first of its kind, AquaTheater is a complete sensory experience that plays on the element of surprise, as the latest technology and design features amaze guests.

Created to offer two unique environments, guests are able to swim in the theater's magnificent kidney-shaped pool, relax on sun loungers located on tiered platforms surrounding the pool, and even participate in SCUBA lessons in the afternoon. At night, audience members witness the venue come alive with heart-pounding performances which feature dramatic acrobatics, synchronized swimming, water ballet, and high-diving performances, as well as fountain shows synchronized to music and lights.

AquaTheater Pool

  • The largest and deepest freshwater pool at sea is 21.9 feet (6.6 meters) by 51.6 feet wide (15.7 meters), with a depth of 17.9 feet (5.4 meters).
  • Fitted with three stage machinery devices, the pool's depth rises or falls to meet the needs of each performance and for its various functions throughout the day.
  • Three custom lifts built into the pool allow for intricate and multilevel performances.
  • Underwater cameras film performers and project images onto two giant Barco® LED screens that will flank the stage.

Water Show Performances

  • Throughout the evenings, the AquaTheater pool comes alive with beautiful choreographed fountain shows, amid hundreds of water nozzles - some with capabilities of shooting water 65 feet (20 meters) high - programmed to music and lights.
  • A giant trampoline is centered between two diving towers allowing gymnasts and aerialists to flip and dismount into the pool.
  • The diving tower includes two spring boards and two 10-meter high dive platforms.
  • A bridge connects the two high dive boards which can support an entire row of divers. On the underbelly of this bridge are lights and nozzles that allow for water to fall like a curtain down into the pool below.
  • A trapeze hangs behind the high dive boards to give the appearance that trapeze artists are climbing the curtain of water.

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