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A series of columns interlaced with vines is just one of the welcoming entry points into Central Park, elegantly landscaped with tropical foliage, including seasonal flowers, shrubs and trees.

Drifts of Calla Lilies among Giant Elephant Ears, Red Ginger, Rabbit Foot Ferns, Banana Croton, Gold Dust Dracaena, Butterfly Lily, and Zebra Calathea are some of the plant life guests will discover.

Impressive ‘Green Walls' spanning 25 feet and four stories high host flowering vines and a variety of ferns such as Red & White Mandevilla, Twinspur ‘Red Ace', Verbena and Silver Pothos. The park also has changing displays of accent plants, such as Birds of Paradise and various Orchids (Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Colmanara Wildcat).

Trees, some eventually reaching more than two-and-a-half decks high, include Cherry of the Rio Grande, Fern Pine, Amstel King Ficus and Golden Bamboo. Fragrant additions include Orange Jasmine and Allspice (scents of cinnamon and clove drift from leaves and bark).

Drawing on the concept of surprise and intrigue, garden spaces throughout Central Park sprout from charming pathways:

The Pergola Garden is a unique interpretive plant garden featuring vegetation from a host of Caribbean locales where guests can see shade grown Coffee plants and budding Pineapple plants, as well as learn about the origin of spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

The Sculpture Garden integrates artwork from international artists and unique plantings, while Sweet Olive trees frame a cozy area to sit and enjoy a view of the Park.

The Chess Garden is located next to a large Cuban Laurel tree and framed with Painted Bamboo where guests can challenge each other to a game of chess or checkers with large-scale pieces. Or for a more intimate experience, personal game tables are found off the main path.

The middle pathway transports guests over a bridge spanning a ‘river of plants' and past a series of special gardens, restaurants and cafés, as well as boutique shops to the central square lined with colorful Kumquat and lacey Black Olive trees.

The Park's horticulturalist teaches guests about the Central Park gardens, general gardening techniques, and provides lessons on the distinctive and unusual ecology of Caribbean plants.

Irrigation and drainage systems are incorporated, along with micro climate control techniques.

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