The secretiveness around the world's largest cruise vessels, Project Genesis, was partly unveiled today in Aker Yards' Turku shipyard. For the first time the press could see how the building of the giant floating resort is proceeding. And saw the huge Central Park with two hotel towers to take shape!

Aker Yards, Turku has in its orderbook two colossal luxury cruise vessels of the Genesis class to be delivered for Royal Caribbean in 2009 and 2010. They will be the world's largest cruise vessels taking an enormous step into the future with their bold design, daring innovation and technological advancements.
Central Park is a revolutionary design in which the centre of the ship opens to the sky. On each side rise six-storeyed hotel towers including 334 staterooms overlooking the park, 254 with balconies. With the length of a soccer field, some 110 metres and a width of 19 metres the park will have growing lawn, trees and other vegetation. Sun will be shining to this unique open outdoor space surrounded with restaurants, shops and cafés.
"Central Park is another example of revolutionary innovation in ship design and building, said Juha Heikinheimo, President of Aker Yards, Cruise & Ferries. "Cruise passengers are expecting new unparalleled experiences, and that is what the owners, the yard and the maritime cluster continuously are creating in good cooperation. As to the Genesis project, feel certain this park area will not be the last new innovation onboard", promised Heikinheimo.
When designing Central Park, there have been many structural challenges. E.g. the two hotel towers on both sides of the park have been under strict analysis and calculations, so have the logistics on the large park area.
"Bringing the land to sea has involved interesting challenges, tells the Project Manager for the Project Genesis in Aker Yards, Mr. Toivo Ilvonen. Testing how much soil is needed, how to incorporate irrigation and drainage systems.... And how to avoid the park not to be too windy, when the vessel is speeding at 20 knots, or on the other hand not too hot in port conditions."
Passengers living in the cabins surrounding the Central Park can during day time sunbathe while observing the bustle on the parkways and cafés, and in the evening enjoy concerts and other park activities under starry sky...
Facts & Fun:
  • 47 metres wide and 360 metres long, the ship is 40 m longer than the height of the Eiffel tower!
  • Takes 5,400 passengers + 3,000 crew .Cabins in all 2,700
  • One ship is built of 181 grand blocks. A grand block can be 22 metres long and 32 metres wide, weighing 600 tons!   The whole vessel weighs 12 times more than the Eiffel tower
  • There is 850,000 sq metres to paint in one vessel, meaning paint consumption of 630, 000 litres
  • The project of two Genesis vessels means 12, 000 man years of work for the yard and partners. If one guy was given the task to build the ship alone, he should have started at the Bronze Age.....
Further information:
Juha Heikinheimo, President Cruise & Ferries, phone +358 10 670 2201
Toivo Ilvonen, Project Manager of project Genesis, phone + 358 400 525 438
Sinikka Railo, VP, Communications, pone +358 40 512 0253
Aker Yards ASA ( is an international shipbuilding group focusing on sophisticated vessels. The group has a strong position both in terms of innovation, product range, technology, experience and capacity. The product range includes cruise vessels & ferries, merchant vessels, offshore & specialized vessels. Aker Yards comprises 18 yards in Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Romania, Ukraine and Vietnam with approximately 21,000 employees. 
Aker Yards, Cruise & Ferries business area comprises three shipyards and two cabin factories in Finland, two shipyards and a cabin factory in France, and life cycle service activities in Finland, France and the USA. With a focus on innovative design and powerful cruise experiences, Aker Yards has become one of the largest builders of passenger vessels in the world.

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